Healthy Lifestyle to help Menopause Symptoms

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One size does not fit all with menopause symptoms. 

Every woman’s body is different so is the menopause transition and menopause symptoms experienced by each person. 

Self-care is always an important part of medical management.

Self-education is important. This includes learning what menopause is, symptoms related to menopause and mid-life, increase in disease incidences related to menopause. 

This is a new year, and many people make new year resolutions, you as a woman has the power to influence the effect of menopause on your body. 

  • Have some protein in each meal. This keeps you fuller for longer and helps the body to maintain muscle. Plant protein is preferred over animal protein. 
  • Eat more veggies and fruits for more energy for your daily activities. Eat your greens for fiber for a heathier gut and stronger immunity.
  • Daily healthy fats in moderation will help protect your joints, heart, and brain health.
  • Daily movement promotes health, weight loss and mental wellbeing. Challenge yourself to get your heart rate up by doing moderate intensity exercises 150mins per week. If you have heart disease, please check with your physician. 
  • Do strength training to improve your bone density, staying strong and preventing muscle loss is important. 
  • Always remember to keep hydrated with water. Better hydration can improve energy, joint health, and overall general health.
  • Take time for you; rest, meditation, hobbies, whatever will make you kinder to yourself, do it!

Take control of your health, it is in your power!

Your health is your wealth, don’t neglect yourself.

Do your part to prevent some of the mid life chronic medical illnesses that are related to lifestyle and habits. 

The reward of good lifestyle choices is being healthier and living longer. 

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