Vaginal Rejuvenation Process

We’ve being using the word vaginal rejuvenation, but one may ask what exactly does this process involve? What is the Vaginal Rejuvenation Process?

First, I’ll like to discuss the changes that could prompt the desire to want a rejuvenation. Childbirth and aging bring changes in the vulva and vagina which includes increased laxity, enlargement and dryness. These changes can result in pain and loss of enjoyment during sex, not feeling youthful resulting in insecurity and lack of confidence.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Process Edmonton

Previously, the only options for vaginal rejuvenation was using hormone replacements or getting surgery but I’m so glad we now have a medication free, non-surgical effective process available.
In a simplified form, we can now do vaginoplasty (repairing of the vagina) and vulvoplasty / labioplasty (repairing of the vulva/labia) without surgery.

There are 2 laser machines available at our clinic, the CO2 laser MonaLisa Touch® and the Femme 360™.

The lasers produce controlled heat which penetrates the tissues of the vaginal wall causing inflammation which results into regrowth of the elastin, collagen and tiny blood vessels that supply the tissue.

Increased production of the elastin and collagen returns the elasticity that brings about the tightening of the tissues.

The increase in numbers of the blood vessels improves the circulation and normal vaginal secretion returns, normal PH and good bacteria is restored resulting in a healthier vagina- less prone to infections such as bacteria vaginosis.

There is also improved sexual satisfaction with all of the healthier changes.

Reduced elastin and collagen with aging, stretching from childbirth cause droopy or enlarged labia in a lot of women. This can be aesthetically unpleasing especially in certain clothing such as swim or active wears resulting in insecurity and psychological stress. The radiofrequency laser tightens the labia. Results are seen while treatment is ongoing.

Great news to all you ladies, no down time with all these treatments. No wounds or wound dressings needed, no concerns with infections, no medication is needed before, during or after treatment and treatment is relatively painless and very quick. You are wide awake, can be playing on your phone, reading a book or chatting with us while your treatment is going on – I think that’s way way easier than getting surgery.

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